The official youth symphony of West Virginia


Youth Orchestra

The Youth Orchestra is a full orchestra including strings, brass, winds and percussion. It is for advanced student musicians of approximate ages 13-20. This group is conducted by Robert Turizziani.

Youth Strings

The Youth String Ensemble is for intermediate level string students through grade 12 and is conducted by Mr. Ian Jessee.

Cadet Strings

The Cadet String Ensemble is for beginning level string students and is conducted by Mrs. Sandra Groce.

Youth Winds

The Youth Winds Ensemble is for beginning to intermediate brass & woodwind musicians to introduce the concepts of orchestral music.

Chamber Music

The chamber music program is a voluntary addition to the other music ensembles of the West Virginia Youth Symphony. Students who sign up are evaluated and placed with other musicians of a similar skill level to create a number of small chamber ensembles. These may be the classic string or brass quartets, or they may be duos, trios or quintets. Each chamber group will be assigned a coach who will, in a one hour session weekly, teach the musicians to perform one or two selections over a twelve-week period in preparation for a spring Chamber Music Concert. This is a great opportunity for young musicians to learn the interplay of small ensembles.