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Chamber group signups will be held through September 24th. Talk to your conductor about it at rehearsal!


Seating audition information for Youth Orchestra, on September 24:


Violins (this is applicable for 1st and 2nd parts)
Rimsky-Korsakov "Capriccio Espagnole" 1st movment, Letters B-C 
Fiddle piece measure 3-Letter C
Shostakovich: Rehearsal 6-7; 14-17(2nd violins play top divisi); 21-24; and 33-end


Rimsky-Korsakov "Capriccio Espagnolo" Second Movement beginning to letter D
                    1st movement Letters B-C+ 15 measures more
Fiddle piece    pick-up to Letter B to Letter C

Shostakovich    Rehearsals 10-12; 14-15; 33-end


Rimsky Korskaov "Capriccio Espagnole" 2nd movement Letter D to the end
Fiddle piece  Letters E-I
Shostakovich   Rehearsal 11-14; 21-22; 33-end


Youth Strings seating audition material


M to the Third Power
Violin I: opening to end of M. 13, m. 111- end
Violin II:opening to end of M. 13, m.11-end
Viola: opening to end of M. 13, m. 71-downbeat m. 98
Cello: opening to end of M. 13,  m. 71-downbeat m. 98
Bass:opening to end of M. 13, m.102- m. 110


Violin I: m. 13-m.21m m. 75- m. 100
Violin II: m.13- m. 21, m. 75- m. 100
Viola: m.66 - m. 75
Cello: m. 21- m. 29, m. 66 - m. 75


All: Beginning to measure 25


Little Russian Symphony 
ALL: Letter D - Letter F



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Dress code

West Virginia Youth Symphony members are required to attend all Youth Symphony concerts.  Parents can do their part by making sure that students are properly dressed and arrive on time with music in hand and ready to perform.  The concert performance is a chance for students to show their families, friends, peers and the general public their command of compositions and playing skills. 

Required Concert Attire

Cadet Strings and Youth Strings:  BLACK & WHITE

§  Top: white (not cream) long-sleeved dress shirt

§  Bottom: Black dress pants or floor-length black skirt

§  Shoes: Closed toe, black dress shoes with black socks or opaque hose


Youth Winds:  PIT  BLACK

§  Top: Black long-sleeved dress shirt or blouse with sweater

§  Bottom: Black dress pants or floor-length black skirt

§  Shoes: Closed toe, black dress shoes with black socks or opaque hose


Youth Orchestra:  CONCERT BLACK

Young ladies: all black

§  Top: Long or ¾ sleeve black dress shirt, blouse, or sweater. Hem must be long enough to cover the entire stomach. No translucent/transparent material.

§  Bottom: Black dress pants or floor-length black skirt

§  Dresses: All black floor-length dress with sleeves or sweater to cover arms

§  Shoes: Closed toe, black dress shoes with black socks or opaque hose

Young gentlemen: all black with white shirt

§  Top: White dress shirt, black bow tie, black jacket

§  Bottom: Black trousers

§  Shoes: Closed toe, black dress shoes with black socks

§  A tuxedo is appropriate but not necessary.


The following list of attire provides examples of unacceptable concert dress. It is not an exhaustive list but rather offers a guideline for what NOT to wear.

§  Tops: tank tops, t-shirts, plunging necklines, bare arms

§  Bottoms: sweats, leggings, yoga pants, skirt or dress hems above the knee when sitting, bare ankles/legs

§  Shoes: tennis shoes, sandals, slippers, very high heels

If the student is unable to acquire a change of clothing before the concert, they will be provided with clothes—fitting or not—from the WVYS.




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